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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Kelsey Smith

Kelsey Ann Smith

A day that will live in infamy or just another girl that hit the street?

Let's break it down, should we?


1-A 18 year old goes to the store in rural Kansas and now she is dead.

2-Regardless of the struggle in the car were you are bound to find DNA, people in the parking lot, cameras and a open parking lot in the middle of the day, a young lady is dead or should I say someones daughter was push in to her own car and later found kill.

3-Despite the media, no one mention that the prime suspect is apparently cover in tattoos in his arm neck and legs. Blue spots on the photos and video of the suspect that view in selected spectrum under photoshop shows a 3D tones that are consistence with flesh movement not shadows and they have a consistence shape,

4-The famous pre 911 attitude of people or as I like to call it “buffalo people” in my past post on the blog. is staring to take place, people don't really are concern with the fact that what could be their daughter, friend, sister is dead and now one is willing to turn in leads about a scum of the earth that should be easy to find in this country.

a- A pick up truck with big wheels with a unique paint job.

b- A moron with a 6 foot height. goatee, converse like shoes, possible tattoos with a crew cut for a hair cut. Your average kit in the Arian nation neighborhood or street gang.

Perhaps here are some suggestions to speed things up a bit:

1- More white- Maybe if she was blond and blue or green color eyes will call for more attention. Lord knows if she was afro-American like the thousand that vanish each year in this country along and this is the statistic of the federal police.

2 More richer- Like the case of Natalee Holloway in Aruba. Perhaps the same people who did her is just moving to Kansas.

3-The police in Kansas is not equip to deal with the problem and needs a professional like a medium or psychic.

To round thing up. What we need is a good all fashion round up or Raid.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Airbruch Mix

In the airbrush world is being my experience that the real secrets for painting are usually not spoken or address because they are complex or the person does not have the experience to speak about it.

Lets take for example the chemical mix for bonding the airbrush paint to textile or metal with acrylic. I will highly recommend Createx products because my experience and of the reliability factor, but golden products are a excellent manufacture as well also a good provider for airbrush support in their products. The website for Createx is another story is like they made it with a cheap Micro.. program or something, so please go to the supplier for a better view or offers. If you need a good supply provider look for BearAir which I found to be a great supplier throughout the years but many new store of art supplies are on the Net like my store were you can find Iwata revolution airbrush or the classic freehand shield by Artool,

What you need:

I will stay with Createx products for the Mix.

1- Bond all - an additive for the acrylic that relies on heat to set.

2-Catalyst - Is an accelerator and chemical reaction with the acrylic to form more crystal like and structure to the material which the medium bonds with.

3-Retarder- It slows down the reaction or more to the point it react with the water to maintain a "wet" condition in the paint.

My basic mix is for 3 to 12 onces of paint at the time:

Bond all 3 to 6 drops + 1 drop of Catalyst + 1 drop of Retarder. I call it the 3-1-1 mix

The Bond all in the mix is the flexible agent and depend on the total quantity of the paint and the humidity of the area were you are painting, instructions are in the bottle. The other 2 ingredients are always the same because they create a condition in a chemical sense and that goes a long way in small quantities.

The instruction on the "Bond all" should be follow for heat setting in the oven or with a heat gun for the cure process especially for metal.

This mix is also good for cheap acrylic paint from arts and craft store that have no clue of what they are selling but are good for the average joe. A way to improve the quality of the paint.

I also should say something about extender mediums for paint as a form of visual alter the texture of the paint itself or to control the transparent or opaque factor as well as the gloss or matte surfaces of the paint when it dries, but I believe by know you will start to get a picture of the many tool available to the artist. With a little time you should get a handle on how you will want to use this things to express your self in the material of your choice. I also realize that some paints come ready to use in the label, but to be honest unless they can read your mind I do not think they know how you will like your master piece to end. So learn your tools and practice. The people at Createx and BearAir are good folk and will give you a hand in answering most of your question.

I hope this help in the world of graphics specially for the new guys, good luck.


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Friday, September 08, 2006

Money in the Net

I must apology for the delays of the posting of articles in this post but the creation of a blog or Web page and all of the politics of a site is intensive and hard work, especially for some one as naive as me.

Yes there is money to be made in the Internet and regardless of the hype is not that easy, even with help or the $99.00 packages that promise thousands of dollars in return on TV and advertisement on the Internet. So just to save you some money here are some link that I found to separate the hype from the truth. An I can say I have save you some money. You welcome.

The Money;

The hype

P.S- It is a lot of reading, and I mean a lot.


Saturday, August 19, 2006


Beach bums-Photo created in Daz and Bryce by me.

The day that Daz bought Eovia.

April 25, 2006” is a date that should be mark in the calender for some people, In my mind I saw it as small fire in the Forrest that grew and grew on the WWW. A little history is perhaps in order now.

In the world of the 3D design very few programs exist like Poser. Poser is a software that deals with 3D character including figures like people, animal and any modification to them. Daz is a company on the Internet that took the trouble trough artist and the like, to offer computer generated characters of high quality to be use in the Poser software. Later they develop their own software name Daz Studio which as of this writing it is free to download at their site. Eovia is a software developer and offer software that creates 3D designs, like one of the products name Carrara and is a complete package a very good package.

The day that a simple supply company like Daz buys Eovia, a somewhat famous in France for the creation of programs like Carrara. Is like seeing the creation of Corel corporation which had their beginnings as a supplier of software add-ons for Xerox a desktop publishing software back in the beginnings of the personal computer age. We are talking the 8086 processor at the blazing speed 8khz (Yes, 8 Kilo hertz) with a good tail wind. I guess I am showing my age.

Sun, Sea and Sand- Photo created in Daz and Photoshop by me

So what?

Money, thats what? Daz has become a force in the WWW, an position it place in the map by offering a complete software packages that rivals the like of Maya and offer a simple solution to the average designer whom don”t want to spend their life saving, an arm, leg and then a couple of years of not sleeping, in the study of 3D graphics an animation. More important Daz help establish in the community a common standard to which the rest of the industry can follow. Is like the beginnings of Microsoft with windows version3.1. Can we say “Bill Gates”.

How does this relate to people?

If you have not figure by now. An inexpensive software package with support for 3D and 3D animation to rival in quality to the movie “-Men 2,” “Spiderman,” “Average Joe,” “48 Hours” and work in graphics for printing airbrush murals quality in size (really big). This is software that influence people in the industry of video creation (Commercials), medicine, animators, music videos, advertising (TV and Internet), engineers and architects. Is a form of medium that allows a person to express their ideas in a realistic form to others with little effort.

Please visit their site and became familiar with a technology that may help you became familiar in a very young industry.

Do you think this is worth putting a mark on the calender?

Daz and similar companies like it, is a company to be familiar with if you work with computers, deal with stocks as an investment, became familiar with what is the computer industry is moving to and just want more than a glorify typewriter with a screen.